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Upload of audit reports to the Database (Excel audit reports/AOH PDF reports) 

Excel audit reports (available on CB Extranet) or PDF reports generated via the AOH shall be uploaded to the Database if the certification decision is taken on the Database.    

This refers to IFA v.6 and to every add-on that the producer has. 

  • AOH PDF reports shall be smaller than 5 MB as the upload volume on the Database is limited to 5MB. To avoid larger files the user shall select during the PDF creation step only the add-on that needs to be uploaded. Combined audit reports shall be avoided.  

Note: In case the audit report (excel or PDF) refers to more than one product, the report upload is only needed for one product, preferably for the one with the largest area.

Additional information about the uploads can be found in TN issue 3 December 2023.

Upload rules:

Farm assurance product (FAP)Obligatory fromUpload % reportsAvailable in***
IFA v6 Smart FV*01/01/2024minimum 20%DB,
IFA v6 Smart FO*01/01/2024minimum 20%DB,
IFA v6 Smart HOP*01/01/2024minimum 20%DB,
IFA v6 Smart AQ*01/01/2024minimum 20%DB,
IFA v6 GFS AQ*Pending GFSI-recognitionDB,
IFA v6 GFS FV*Pending GFSI-recognitionDB,
GRASP v2*01/01/2024100%DB,
SPRING v2**01/01/2024100%DB
FSMA PSR v2.0**01/01/2024100%DB
GGFSA v3.0**01/01/2024minimum 20%DB
AH-DLL GROW v3.1**01/01/2024minimum 20%DB
BioDiversity v1.1**01/01/2024minimum 20%DB
Nurture Module v12**01/01/2024100%DB
GG Plus v2**01/01/2024100%DB
COOP ITALIA v2.0**01/01/2024100%DB
RMS v6 independent operator**01/01/2024100%DB
DA add-on v1.1 for plants and
IDA add-on v1.0 for AQ **
01/01/2024minimum 20%DB
TR4 Biosecurity Standard v1.0**03/07/202minimum 20%DB
CFM v3.1**01/01/2024minimum 20%DB

*CBs may use either AOH Smart process for creating an audit report or excel reports to upload in GLOBALG.A.P. database.
**CBs shall use only excel reports to upload in GLOBALG.A.P. database.
***We continuously work to implement the smart IT process for all FAPs (AOH+VS).

The below mentioned FAPs are under review and will be published soon:

  • PHA v1.3 standard
  • HPS v2 standard
  • TR4 Biosecurity add-on v2.0

For any standards not listed in this table, e.g. CoC, please see the AOH upload rules here.