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Freststatus is the GLOBALG.A.P. system status page which reflects availability of the systems. You will receive notification everytime the system is or will not be available

For the following systems you can make sure to stay updated:

  • LIVE GLOBALG.A.P. Database,
  • TEST GLOBALG.A.P. Database,
  • PRO Audit Online Hub and
  • PRE Audit Online Hub
    for both web application and SOAP API services.

    Notifications for Validation Service are not available so far.

The system status page enables efficient communication of unplanned incidents or scheduled maintenance:

• Automatic notification by mail of GLOBALG.A.P. Systems planned downtimes (deployment) and the system availability afterwards

• Automatic notification by mail of GLOBALG.A.P. Systems unplanned downtime and status updates

• System Status page of GLOBALG.A.P. IT Services for status check

• Notifications regarding technical issues and the status updates

The Freshstatus page can be found here:

How to subscribe for Freshstatus?

You can subscribe for the automatic updates under . Just click on the Subscribe button in the upper right corner. Please do not forget to check your inbox to confirm your e-mail address otherwise your e-mail will not be activated for the notifications.

If you have any further questions, please, contact customer support.