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Scenario C: Give your customer information about your delivery via the GLOBALG.A.P. Bookmarking

In this scenario you maintain a list of GGNs with their products in your IT system and constantly update this list with the master data and certification data for each (GGN, product) tuple out of the GLOBALG.A.P. Database. In addition you give your customer the possibility to access your bookmarking list by naming him as follower. Via this list you can make all your deliveries transparent by naming the origins (GGN, product) tupel and optionally adding delivery information, e.g. SSCC, GTIN, ETA, delivery date, …

  1. Initially create a bookmarking list via bookmarkListInsert and explicitly set your customer as follower
  2. Constantly add your deliveries as (GGN, product) tuples by adding bookmark items containing the producers GGN and the products ID and optionally delivery information via bookmarkItemInsert
  3. Let your customer ping the bookmarking list to receive the producers master data, product certification data and the delivery information (if entered by you) of your deliveries via getBookmark