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Scenario B: Retrieve producer master data and specific product certification data for GGN numbers

In this scenario you maintain a list of GGNs with their relevant products in your IT system and constantly update this list with the master data and certification data for this particular (GGN, product) tuple out of the GLOBALG.A.P. Database. The difference to Scenario A is that only the particular product named will be bookmarked and only information to this product will be received - not all products like in Scenario A.

  1. Initially create a bookmarking list via bookmarkListInsert
  2. Constantly add your known (GGN, product) tuples by adding bookmark items containing the producers GGN and the products ID via bookmarkItemInsert
  3. Ping the bookmarking list in a regular basis to receive any updates on the producers master data and product certification data via getBookmark