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Important functions

Registering a new user

Begin by going to the menu “My Contacts” and click on “Create new User.

Fill all the necessary fields. Please note that fields marked with * are obligatory. Do not forget to assign a relevant role to the user (see CB-AT roles). Only GLOBALG.A.P. can change and add Scheme Manager users. Once you have finalized the information click on “Submit”.

Assigning a FAP to a user

  1. Begin by going to the “My Contacts” menu. Click on the name of the user you wish to add the FAPs to. The menu with their details opens.
  2. Scroll down to “Contact Module” overview and click on "Assign Farm Assurance Product".
  3. Use the       to find the applicable FAP and role.

Then select the working languages. You can select only 1 role at a time.

Confirm your selection by clicking on "Create".


A newly assigned FAP can take from 30 sec. to 1 minute to appear. If you do not see it under “Farm Assurance Products”, please wait some time and refresh the webpage. You can keep adding other FAPs while you wait the one just assigned to appear. A FAP will not be added more than 1 time.

  1. The FAP has now appeared under “Farm Assurance Products”. To modify it or complete the requirements, click on its name.

Assigning a role to a user

As Scheme Manager or CB-Assist it is your responsibility to assign both the correct role and assign the respective FAPs for the qualification requirements.
The role is assigned when you first register the user, and you can change later. To assign the FAP with the qualification requirements – please follow the same process as described in "Assigning a FAP to a user" and select the role “CB farm auditor”, “CB QMS auditor”, “Reviewer” or “Decision-making committee”. For more information on the qualification requirements, please consult the applicable standard or add-on general regulations.

Completing and submitting FAPs for Internal Review

  1. If you are a Scheme Manager or a CB-Assist, begin by selecting a contact from “My Contacts”. If you want to modify FAPs assigned to yourself, open “My Farm Assurance Products”.
  2. Select a FAP you wish to complete from the list.
  1. You will see all requirements applicable for the FAP. Each FAP begins with an explanation of the exact requirements from the applicable standard general regulations.
  2. Please complete all relevant requirements. Requirements marked with * are obligatory to complete.
  3. Remember to save your progress by clicking on  . You can always save and log out and come back later to finish.
  4. Requirements that require a file upload are noted with . Once you upload a document, you can see the name of the document next to the “Browse” button.
  5. Click on “Save” to finish the upload. If the document was successfully uploaded, you will see this message

And the file will appear below the “Browse” button. Clicking on the files allows you to open it.

Note: Remember to save your progress, by clicking on the “Save” button or else your progress will be lost.

If you wish to upload more than one document, please follow the same process. Click on “Browse” select the file click “Save” and then do the same.

  1. Once you have finished all requirements, submit it to your Scheme Manager for review. Note: You will not be able to modify your answers anymore after this. Click on
  2. Your Scheme Manager might decide to return your submission back to you for an update. In this case the FAP will again unlock for editing.

Note: The evidence you submit shall be in English or the relevant parts shall be translated in English. Exceptions shall be confirmed in writing with the GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat.

Reviewing submitted FAPs and submitting to GLOBALG.A.P.

  1. You can see which FAPs need your review by going to the menu “Auditor Status Overview” and filter for FAPs with status “Submitted for Internal Review”.
  2. Go to the user and select the applicable module through “My Contacts”.
  3. You can review the evidence submitted and files uploaded. You can access uploaded files by clicking on them.
  4. After reviewing you have 2 options:

You can “Re-Open” a FAP, which sets the status back to “Open” and your assessor can modify it and re-submit it back to you. You can “Submit for review GLOBALG.A.P.” the FAP. FAPs submitted to GLOBALG.A.P. are considered final, cannot be modified anymore by your CB.

Editing user data

To modify your data or the data of other users, please go to “My Contacts”, and select the user. Once you have updated the information, scroll down, and click on “Submit” to confirm the changes. Scheme Manager and CB-Assist can also edit their own information by selecting themselves from the “My Contacts” menu.

Note: Only Scheme Manager or CB-Assist can modify the data of other users.

Contact GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Body Administration for support.

If you have questions on qualification requirements or the use of CB-AT, please use the “Contact Us” function accessed by clicking on the dropdown next to your name:

Please fill in the necessary details in the contact form and then click on “Submit” to send your questions to the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Body Administration. Please note that to guarantee the quick and efficient response, the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Body Administration will not answer questions on the use of CB-AT that are not submitted through this form (e.g. sent directly to the personal email of one of your GLOBALG.A.P. contacts).

Deactivating/re-activating users

If one of your users is no longer engaged in GLOBALG.A.P. certification activities or has left your CB, you shall disable this user in CB-AT. This way the user will be shown as “inactive” to GLOBALG.A.P. but will not be deleted from the system. Due to legal reasons, GLOBALG.A.P. needs to keep evidence of the approval and qualification of inactive users for up to 10 years.

To deactivate a user, begin by selecting the user through “My Contacts”, scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on “Deactivate”.

You can now no longer edit the FAPs and details of the user. You can re-activate a deactivated user at a later point, by clicking on “Activate”.

Changing role of a user

If you want to change the role of a user:

  • Select the user from “My contacts”.
  • Select the new role

Note: If you change the role of a CB farm auditor to a CB QMS auditor, CB-AT will automatically add the “CB QMS auditor” FAP to the user. Please complete and submit it for review. The “CB farm auditor” FAP will remain.

Note: Be careful not to change the role of the scheme manager, because you are not able to assign it back. In case you do this by mistake – please contact GLOBALG.A.P. for help (see "Contact GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Body Administration for support").

My company

This option is only visible for the scheme manager. It contains information about the company, such as name, address, phone, e-mail, account number, website and logo.

It also shows all the contact (assessors) that are assigned to this account, along with their GAIN, e-mail, certification body role and approval status. At the bottom of the page there is the “Certification Body FAP” section, which shows the FAPs the CB is approved for.