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Home Screen

This is your home screen, which is opened when you first login in CB-AT.

Below you will find more details on each menu.

My contacts

Here you can view all your registered users (including yourself), see their role, their status (see 5.8), their approval status, and GAIN. From this menu you can access your CB farm auditors and CB QMS auditors to update their information and modify/assign their modules. Here you can also create new users (see. 5.1) using the “Create new User” button.

To view the details of a user, please click on their name.

My Assigned Modules

From this menu you can view and access all modules (to find out more about modules see 4.) that have been assigned to you. To view more details on a module or to upload evidence for a module, please click on it (see 5.3).

Assessors Status Overview

In this menu you have an overview of all modules that have been assigned to your users and the status of each module (column “Module Status”).

Note: You can click on “Module Status” or “Module” to sort the columns.

Note: This menu provides just a “zoomed” out overview, so you can keep track of the status of all your assessors, but you cannot access users or modules directly from it. To access assessors and their modules, please use the menu “My Contacts”.


Clicking on this button will redirect every user to their assigned Farm Auditor Online Trainings (FAOT) in our GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Body Academy page. There you can see your completed FAOTs and track your progress.

Your personal settings

This menu contains an overview of your contact information.

Note: To edit your contact information, please select your user in the menu “My Contacts”.