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Visibility of producer and product data: data release

Producer data

The data access rules of GLOBALG.A.P. allow to choose between the options, whether to hide the company name and address or to show to the public. This way searching producer and producer groups publicly, names and addresses are visible only, if the producer/producer group has granted access rights to these data.

Database users who search the GGNs with a database login (user name & password) belong to the access group "Market participants", they will be able to see the name and address of the certificate holder by default. The certificate holder are the single producer and the producer groups (cooperatives). The names and addresses of the producer group members are hidden by default.

Product data

There is another option newly implemented in the database: Growers can also show their product data. Product data currently cover the quantities: hectar for crops, tons for livestock, broodstock, seedlings and tons quantity for aquaculture. By default these quantities are not visible for any of the users.

Ask for data release

Minimum producer and product data are shown according to the data access rules as described above. More information can be released only if the producer/producer group allows to do so. For this the regular way is that the retailer/supplier asks the grower (or the importer/exporter with contact to the grower) for data release (defining which data), so the producer/group can advise its certification body (trustee of masterdata) to change the database settings. Or the producer can ask the customer support for its own database access and complete the changes.

In order to ease this process, a Data release form was created in four languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish. The first three pages have to be filled in by the retailer/supplier (company name, data required) and then forwarded to the producer/producer group. Please, ask the customer support for this form.