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Searching GGNs: cycle, status, certified process, product attributes

In the GLOBALG.A.P. Database, you have three search options (#1 - #3), which you can use for more search results. This is the Expert Search.

  • Search 1: Search GGN or certificate number
  • Search 2: Search by name
  • Search 3: Search producers of a product in one country

Depending on the number of GGNs found you will see one GGN with the data tree containing certificate information, more GGNs in order to be able to select any of them by opening the data tree with the plus sign.


A cycle means the one year certificate that is issued for a single producer or a producer group, i. e. one cycle means one calendar year. A current cycle means a current valid certificate, a next cycle a next valid certificate.

It is possible to audit and certify the products before a current certificate runs out, so a producer can have both a current and a next certificate already.

Certified process

Crucial is the information what is displayed for Certified processYes states that the products result from a certified process, No that the production process on the farm was not yet certified.

Product attributes

Harvest excluded – e.g. the producer sells the produce before harvest (such as broccoli or cauliflower). Harvest included means that harvest is in scope. As opposed to harvest observed which would only be listed on the report.

Product handling can be none. Product handling in-field, in-field + facility, or facility means that post-harvest handling is included. Facility means that packing or cooling occurs in a facility only, not in the field, and therefore the additional questions related to post-harvest are included. E.g. grapes can have product handling in field + facility (for packing and cold storage) and both the packing and cold storage would be assessed during the inspection.

Parallel Production – means that the producer has certified and non-certified production of the same crops. If this were yes, there would be additional traceability requirements.

Parallel Ownership – means that the producer buys either certified or non-certified crops and sells them as their own. If this were yes, there would be additional traceability requirements.

Unannounced reward program – "yes" would indicate that the producer volunteered for unannounced audits rather than announced (this no longer exists in 5.4-GFS).

Remote assessment – "no" would indicate that a farm/site visit took place.