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Registration of a Producer or a Producer Group

Only producers/producer groups in the status not confirmed can be registered by a Trustee-Masterdata.

You can check their registration status under Affiliation > > Registration Producer/ Registration Producer Group.

Please note that with registration of the producer/producer group, a GGN will be created and assigned to the producer/producer group. Therefore, please ask the producer for former GGN on the producer application form. It needs to be made clear on the application form that incorrect information may result in a sanction (please see GR I 4.2.2. a). If the former GGN is not asked, the fee has to be paid by the Certifiation Body and it will also be recorded as a KPI mark.

To conduct the registration, the Database user needs to have the role Trustee-Masterdata.

A producer can either have option 1 as a single producer or option 2 as a member of a Producer Group.

There are two possible ways to register a producer/producer group, one is online the other one is via producer upload sheet.