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Process for Multisite and Option 2

For Option 2 Producer Groups, please ensure that the GGN for the group and its members is at least in status 'accepted' in the Database to save time - Audit Online Hub will get the name for each GGN you enter. Should this fail, please try again later or enter the name manually.

Please chose the QMS Checklist for the GGN of the Producer Group. You can find and enter more information about this section via the 'IFAQMS' tab. Please refer to the latest Technical Newsletter for updates on this field(s).

For each member(*), please chose the matching Checklists as for example IFA F&V or any other Add-Ons they may have and which are available in Audit Online Hub. (*) Please note that the amount of Producer Group members you need to upload into Audit Online Hub may change over time. Please refer to the latest Technical Newsletter. The end goal is 100 % of members being uploaded into Audit Online Hub.

The Database link will make sure that each member is recognized as part of his Producer Group. In case of combinations of option 1 and 2 or if there are any error messages, please forward the GGN and error message to GLOBALG.A.P. Customer Support.

Side Note: Multisite Option 1 with QMS works a similar way, except there are no members. SubGLN are not (yet) to be entered into Audit Online Hub.

Once you have completed the reports, you can chose Multireport Summary to get an overview of the group and its members. Please chose the icon 'Multireport Summary' to start the process. In the next window, you can tick the boxes for all GGN you want to include. The PDF is generated once you confirm.

Multireport Summary contains an overview about each Control Point for option 1. However, Producer Groups can grow large and thus, only a summary in percentage is provided here.