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New audit

This can both be accessed from the main screen or from the ‘Audit reports.’

Checklist: Please chose a checklist template from the drop-down menu. If it is not available, please contact your Scheme Manager or the person that is responsible for the templates.

Type the GGN: Please enter the GGN of the producer or producer group here.

Audited Company: This will be filled automatically based on the information in the Database. Nevertheless, in case that doesn't work please enter the company name here (name of producer or producer group).

Certification Option: Chose the option that applies.

Country sites assessed are located: Please enter the country here. After you have entered 3 or more characters, the system will search for a country to choose.

Language that will be used to write the assessment notes: Currently only English and Spanish available after you have entered 3 or more characters.

Then click ‘Create‘.