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Managing Tesco Nurture Module

The Nurture Module is a module that is based upon the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Standard. The following article describes how to manage the Nurture Module in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database. This process is similar to the IFA certification. Please note that Nurture Module is only applicable in the combination with an IFA certificate.

If a producer has no GGN yet, he has to get registered in the database. The notification and the registration procedures are identical to those for IFA. Please see the detailed description in the article Registration of a Producer or a Producer Group.

Adding Products for the Nurture Module

After the registration, please go to “Affiliation”->”Manage products” for adding the products under Nurture Module. For any further details on how to manage the products, please follow the instructions in Adding Products to Producers.

Make sure that you add the products under the NURTURE Module under “Manage Products” as displayed below:

Please choose the sub-scope under which you will add a respective product (Flowers & Ornamentals or Fruits & Vegetables)

Afterward, you need to enter the quantities and choose the corresponding scheme in the drop-down menu under Scheme:

Now you need to enter the attributes for the product. Please click on this button to enter the Attributes. Go to "accept" to save the changes.

Select to enter the „Countries of Destination”.

However, the attributes can be edited any time after the acceptance or the certification is finalized. To do so, just go back to “Manage products” to modify them. Please do not forget to save your changes. The silver or gold level can also be entered into the database with the help of a product upload sheet. Please check our document center to download a new updated template.


The acceptance step is identical to the IFA acceptance, please see the article Accept products that describes the process in detail.


After you have accepted the products, you need to enter the certification. Please consider all steps that are necessary for the certification in the article Certification of products.

Please enter all requested information (Auditor, Date of Audit, Valid to) and click on “Execute certifications”. A summary of your entries will appear.

If everything was entered correctly, please confirm with YES. The product status will change from “Accepted” to “Certified”.

Checklist Upload

After this is done, please upload the checklist in xls. or xlsx. format.

The Nurture Module version 11.2-2 is mandatory from 1 April 2021. The new version requires that checklists are to be uploaded to the Audit Online Hub. Please check the Nurture Module Scheme Rules and the Audit Online Hub Wiki article for the rules for the upload.

Once uploaded to the AOH, the checklist will be automatically uploaded in the Database. The CB still has to go to the Database make the checklist visible for the producer’s Primary Supplier(s). Please see below for explanation how to do this.

Please note that the results of the Nurture Module in the search are visible only to those users who belong to the data access group Nurture Observer.

How to make a producer's checklist visible for a selected Primary Supplier

When confirming you the producer, the primary supplier will also share with you their primary supplier o-key. Please go to Masterdata > Producer/Producer group and search for a GGN of the producer/producer group. Please click on the button Access Rights on the left of the GGN. Please tick the box near for data access group via O-key: and enter the o-key of the Primary supplier. Afterward, please click on Search o-key/select group. Please follow the instructions in the article Producer/producer group masterdata to activate the visibility of a checklist to a Primary Supplier.

In case if the Primary Suppliers change, the CB shall remove the old Primary Supplier(s) and add the new ones by ticking and un-ticking the access rights boxes as shown below at the screenshot: