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GG FSA using the Product Upload Sheet

Entering the GG FSA verifications in the GLOBALG.A.P. database using the product upload sheet is more convenient and time-saving when you wish to add, accept and/or assess several products and/or several GGNs at once.  

To upload your file click Uploads > select Product Upload and continue with Browse... (Durchsuchen). Open the file and upload it by clicking on the green button Load and validate file.

Using the product upload sheet, the same procedure needs to be applied: 

ShapeIf you wish to add a new product to the GGN: columns A-H are compulsory using action 1  

ShapeIf you wish to accept a product: columns A-H and O are compulsory using action 2 

ShapeIf you wish to verify a product: columns A-H, Q-U and W-Z are compulsory using action 3 

Important to know: 

  • Please do not delete or amend any header (from line 1) otherwise the system will not recognize the document.  
  • You can execute every action (e.g. acceptance is action 2) only once per line and per product. It is not possible to combine several actions and/or products in one line. More information and explanation can be found in the attached product upload sheet for GG FSA.  
  • Reminder about the specific Parameters:  

Scheme ID: 225 GLOBALG.A.P. Farm Sustainability Assessment 2.1 (GG FSA) (column G) 

Last assessment date: enter the actual original audit date which is reflected on the LoA

Uploading the letter of Attestation is only possible as mentioned in Uploading the Letter of Attestation for the 1st – 3rd Year.