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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Audit Online Hub

If you cannot find the answer to your question in this Wiki or in the FAQ below, please contact Customer Support.

Q: We are using our own Checklists. Can we keep using them

A: You will have to use our template, but you can adapt it to your needs and test if it still works in the test system OR make use of the software solutions our Partners provide; then you won't need any excel files anymore.

Q: We have heard about the API solution. Do we have to contract an IT Company?

A: No, there is no obligation to do it with another company, it may just be easier.

Q: We don't do option 2 (producer group) certifications. Can we remove QMS Checklist templates?

A: We kindly ask you to ignore the QMS checklists in the system, those published by GLOBALG.A.P. can't be removed individually.

Q: Do we need to upload checklists with open non-conformances?

A: We only require the final report to be in the system before the certification decision was made, but appreciate intermediate steps to be documented as well.

Q: Does every inspector/auditor have to have his own account or can one user do the uploads?

A: You can do it either way, the only important thing to us here is that the checklists are uploaded.

Q: Can we then stop using the GLOBALG.A.P. Database or does anything change here?

A: No, please proceed with certifications in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database as usual.

Q: Do I need to download every report on its own?

A: No, you can use the button Multireport Summary within the Audit itself to download a summary of all the producer's checklist at once.

Q: What is the difference between a Checklist and an Audit Report?

A: In context of Audit Online, the Checklist is the template. The Audit Report is the copy of the checklist to be filled out individually for the producers.

Q: Can I delete Audit Reports?

A: It depends on the IFA version that you are working with:

For version 5: If an audit is no longer needed, you can delete it from the Auditor Online Hub. Open the list of audits and filter for the report you are looking for. Click the trash can icon on the right to delete the record. A pop-up window will ask for a second confirmation, simply click “yes”.

For version 6: No, for integrity reasons they can't be deleted. If you have accidentally set up multiple empty Audit Reports for one GGN, please contact us.

Q: The GPS coordinates are not working. What can I do?

A: Internet Explorer might not work here. Please try with another browser. As well, you can use 'Select from map' to find the spot on the map.

Q: Audit Online does not allow to set some Control Points to N/A, but they should be N/A.

A: Please refer to GR III Chapter 6.1 f. It reads: 'Control points that are indicated as "No N/A" cannot be answered as "not applicable". In exceptions in which the control point is not applicable, the answer shall be given as "Yes" with a clear justification.'

Q: We want to edit the Checklists. How much changes will Audit Online accept?

A: The cells which contain the answers and the overall number of Control Points must remain unchanged to work. Everything else depends and we would suggest that you use the Pre-Audit system (testing enviroment) to check if the changes you want to implement are accepted by the system.

Q: Where can I see which rights the user roles have?

A: You can hold your mouse arrow over the name of the user role and information will show up.

Q: Can we stop using our own templates?

A: Audit Online does not yet replace the own CB checklist. The CB still shall maintain its own checklists that it later has to upload to Audit Online.

Q: Why is the name of the producer not showing up?

A: The producer must have allowed public access to name and addresses in the Database if Audit Online shall fetch them automatically after you have entered the GGN. If not, you can enter them manually. There is no obligation to unlock the data in the Database.

Q: Why is the producer name spelled incorrectly?

A: Audit Online gets the name from the Database, so when you correct it there, it will show up correctly in Audit Online as well.

Q: Which IFA subscopes need to be uploaded into Audit Online?

A: We will require complete IFA. All IFA scopes are already available in Audit Online.

Q: Where are checklists for IFA subscope X, for example PPM?

A: The checklists we provide are just samples for support for the most common cases. Please feel free to generate your own checklists via web interface with corresponding module combination. This can and should be done right in Audit Online in the section 'New Checklist', own checklist files won't work with Audit Online. Checklist refers to the template, the individual one for a producer is called 'Audit Report' in Audit Online.

Q: When will the Standard X be available in Audit Online?

A: We plan to add more Standards over time. They will be announced via the Technical Newsletter once they are ready.

Q: Can we find the original excel files we uploaded as templates somewhere?

A: The files are processed by Audit Online Hub and the results are put into the system. The original upload file can not be retrieved, if you need this for documentation, please store it separately.

Q: Does an upload lead to a new calculation of conformity?

A: In Audit Online Hub, when a file or report is uploaded, it calculates all points based on what is being entered in the excel. So, yes every time if a new file is uploaded, these control points will be re-calculated.

Q: We uploaded some answers/justifications incorrectly, how can we correct them - via upload?

A: Yes, the data will be overwritten when you do a new upload of the Audit Report excel template. This way, you can correct values without the need to go into the website and do it manually.

Q: How can I mark an Audit Report as completed?

A: The status "closed" indicates that you have completed a checklist and taken the certification decision (either positive or negative).

Q: Is there an assitant role, someone who can plan and prepare?

A: The 'Assessor' role can already just set up an Audit Report without having the rights to fill it out.

Q: Where can we add Countries of Destination?

A: To avoid double work, Countries of Destination do not need to be entered into Audit Online Hub (only Database).