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Entering audit details after 'New audit'

After the new audit is registered, a new page will open.


In the upper right corner, you will notice the buttons to Download an excel template. This will create a template as mentioned before in this article: 'Checklists' (please see above). But this download will download the current checklist from THIS audit. If you want to create your own template, please refer to 'Checklists'.

You can also upload the filled template here. Please make sure the template has been used correctly, so only the answers and justifications are given (no rows or lines deleted or overwritten).

This site comes after you have created the audit report in the step before.

You can check Standard, GGN, and the producer’s name in the top line.

Below the top line, you can change the status of the audit (here named assessment):

  1. New: The default new status.
  2. In progress: Audit in progress (date planned, audit going on)
  3. Open CA: this means ‘open non-conformance’ and ‘corrective actions’ as their solution
  4. Closed: Audit is closed, and the decision is taken.

Company assessed

Please enter a contact person here. It should comply with the person you have entered in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database. The mail is also needed and should be the same. Leave the field empty if no mail is available.

You can enter the producer’s place directly via Google Maps. After you have clicked a point on the map, the window will close and take the longitude/latitude of that point. Entering a longitude or latitude manually directly into the system will not work.

Audit Team

Enter the auditor who has conducted the audit.

Assessment details

Please enter the start and end date of the audit(s) here. You can also take notes on the audit.

Please do not forget to save your work!

Standard (e. g. IFA, FSMA…)

Assessment type: Please enter the type of audit here by choosing from a drop-down menu. Please answer the questions in the ‘IFA Assessment details.’ Please notice the IFAQMS Tab which contains the relevant QMS questions for Producer Groups.


Just start typing the name of the product. After 3 letters, suggestions will appear. You can click on them and they will appear as ‘boxes.’ Make sure you save later. The products need to be entered under every section which applies for them. This makes searching for a product ID and choosing from a huge list unnecessary.

Farm Assurer

Please answer the questions asked in this section.


Here the PP/PO should be entered. Also, his trade can be indicated if applicable (just entering products like in the section ‘products.’


Does the producer buy certified products from external sources? Please start by typing the product name, the system will suggest a product after 3 letters have been typed.

Sites assessed

Please register production sites here.


Non-compliances will automatically be shown here from the checklists.


The Summary will show you how many questions are unanswered. Also, it will indicate how many Major Musts, Minor Musts and Recommendations are fulfilled or not.


This is the heart of the app. You can fill the checklist here. Please note that this is only possible when connected to the internet. Saving data that is entered offline is possible with the excel upload, but not within the checklist in the browser.

If you need to save data when offline, our system offers an easy standardized link. If programming service companies want to offer you the possibility to save data offline, they can add it to your side of the system. For the communication between the programs, we use a programming standard with the name 'REST API'. Programmers will know how to handle this information.

You can find the documentation here: [2]

When connected to the internet, you can fill out the control points just as you would offline or on a paper list. You can enter multiple fields and save them whenever you like.

Please not that this section only (Checklists) has an auto-save integrated, manual saving can be done at the end but is not necessary here between the steps.

You can show and hide all criteria points and filter for questions answered with Yes, No, N/A or unanswered ones.

The flag can translate text to the language of the logged-in user (English <-> Spanish). Please consider that this is done via Google Translate and is only for convenience. There is no way to guarantee that the translation is correctly done by Google translate.

On each control point, there is a small icon that looks like (three) people. This will allow you to fill in a whole subset of criteria points in bulk. This way you avoid clicking dozens of times the same ‘Yes’ if a producer is compliant with the whole subset.

The icon on each control point or its subsets that looks like a list offers the possibility to show and hide the control points of this subset.


You can upload relevant documents in this section or directly attach it to the corresponding control point.

PDF & Send PDF

You can create and download a PDF under ‘PDF’. Or you can enter a mail address under ‘Send PDF’. This saves time as you don’t have to download it first and then upload it to your mail program.

Copy audit

You can also copy this audit if needed.