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Edit checklist

Please note that this function changes the template, so it should not be used by auditors to upload the data for a specific client. But if you need e. g. to customize criteria or set some values (not possible for Major Musts) to ‘not applicable’ (N/A).

You can quickly expand or hide all criteria or all criteria of a specific subset of criteria with ‘Show/Hide All Compliance Criteria’. Please note the icons on the right. They offer the possibility to expand/hide the subsets (icon looking like a list) or to enter values YES, NO, N/A for a subset of criteria (the icon that looks like three people).

How to use the autofill function in case of duplicate Principles and Criteria (P&C) 

If a producer is going to be audited during the same audit for more than one standard that have duplicate P&Cs, such as IFA v.6 Smart and IFA v.6 GFS, there is a possibility to copy the duplicated answers from one duplicate P&C into the other. 

Please note that duplicate P&Cs can be easily identified via the highlighted button:

To start, you need to mark the answer in the checklist you are filling out and click on "Save".

If a P&C is a duplicate when adding an answer, you will see a pop-up window with the option to use the autofill function. Click on "Autofill" if you want your answer to be copied to the other duplicate P&C”.

In case the answers and justifications are different for each P&C you need to press “Do not autofill”.

To autofill the justification, you need to explicitly click on "Copy to duplicates" after you added your text.

Please note that you can amend your answers and justifications for any P&C at any time and it will be auto-filled to the respective duplicate P&C only after you actively press the “Autofill” button.