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The validity of a GLOBALG.A.P. certificate is 1 year -1 day which we call a cycle in database. However, there is a cycle for acceptance and certification. The cycles work like layers: the acceptance creates a cycle and when the product is certified this creates a new cycle (a new layer) on top of the acceptance. If a certification is lifted, the product will go back to the acceptance cycle. The same is valid when an extension ends.

When sending a request to Customer Support, please, specify for which cycle the action is required (the current cycle or the next cycle).

It is not possible to enter a certificate with the same dates twice. If a cycle is deleted (on the condition that it can be deleted), the same dates can be used again.

Please, consider in any case which cycle is relevant for the update and which cycle is valid in that moment. 

  • If the next cycle is greyed, it may be to early to update it, i.e. the current cycle expires within more than 8 months. 
  • If any of the cycles is marked only with stars, then another Trustee-Masterdata or Certification Body is responsible for the update. 
  • If a certificate extension shall be added and the certificate is valid, the next cycle shall be updated. 
  • If a certificate extension shall be added and the certificate has already expired, the current cycle shall be updated. 
  • If a new product shall be added to the current certificate, the current cycle shall be updated = scope extension.