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The Scheme Manager or qualified auditors can edit and publish their own templates for the certification body. The templates can save time when filled out later. There are also templates provided by GLOBALG.A.P for the Scheme Standards, Scopes, and Subscopes that you have been unlocked for.

You can also provide answers in the Checklist template if the answer is in most cases the same. However, the answers must still be correct in every case.

In this view, you can edit existing templates.

In case you have many checklist templates available, you can search by name or filter via Module (=Subscope) or Standard (please enter 3 or more characters to start the search). Please note that if the search does not seem to work, click on ‘Filter’ to continue.

You can of course also create a new checklist template. Please note: The user login needs the role ‘Checklist Administrator’ to do this. The Scheme Manager can add this role if needed.

These are the steps to be followed:

1. Click on ‘Checklists‘

2. Please use the button ‘Create checklist’ in the upper right corner.

3. A new window will open. You can enter three pieces of information here: a name, version, and description of this new checklist.

4. Now you can either:

a. ‘Create checklist from another checklist’ (use an existing template which will then not be overwritten, but modified)

b. Or create a completely new template.

i. Please click 'Next' when you have finished the information. You will come to a window to choose the standards. Multiple standards can be combined to form your template.

ii. Next step: Please choose the modules (SubScopes)

iii. After the Modules are chosen, please click ‘Create checklist’ and your new template is ready.

5. Select Standards and click on next

6. Select the modules you need

7. Click on ‘Create checklist’

8. Change the status from ‘Draft‘ to ‘Published‘