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Changing product attributes retroactively via upload

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This wiki article will enable you to change product attributes retroactively which can save huge amounts of manual work. It is very important that you follow this guide literally as otherwise the manual workload would even increase or data could be seriously corrupted.

If you want an overview over the product upload sheet, please refer first to Product Upload Sheet.

Generelly, you can use the product upload sheet to add a product(action 1), accept a product (action 2), certify products (action 3), for product suspension (action 4) and for lifting product suspension (action 5).

If you wish to change the attributes of the products, you can do so via the product upload sheet using action 8. Note, the Status of the product will not be changed with Action 8.

IMPORTANT: !!Action 8 should be used very carefully and just in the below mentioned way in order to avoid unwanted consequences / data corruption!!

The following columns are compulsory for Action 8:

  • GGN, Product key, action, current cycle, next cycle, O-Key CB/PG, scheme ID, option (columns A-H)
  • audit type (column R)compulsory only when certified
  • parallel ownership, parallel production and the rest of the attributes required for the respective scheme

!!Please note: when the attributes are left empty the Status will jump back to “not selected” in the system in case there was a different value (e.g. PO and PP reflected the value "no", and when you use action 8 leaving these cells empty, the system will overwrite the respective attribute with no value to "not selected")!!

Action 8 enables you to execute specific changes as mentioned below.

1. For a product with the status “non confirmed” you can:

  • Change Scheme ID for option 1
  • Change Option
  • Change CB/PG
  • Change the Quantity
  • Change the Attribute

2. For a product with the status “Acceptance” you can:

  • Change the Quantity
  • Change the Attribute

3. For a product with the status “Certified you can

  • Change the Quantity
  • Change the Attribute