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Audit reports

Here you can look up lists that have been saved under ‘Audit reports.’

You can select and unselect GGN. You can use several filters to find your clients.

You can select or unselect Producers, Group members (of an option 2) and Producer groups. You can as well filter by the audit dates (Date start / Date end).

Please click on 'More filters' to expand the view. Then you can search/filter by Company name, GGN, the inspector, the used modules (Scopes/Subscopes) and the Standards. Just click in the cell and start typing. At least 3 characters are needed before the system starts to search.

Click on the green 'Filter' icon to start your search.

On the right, you can access ‘New Audit’  (which is on the main page as well) to create a new audit report. Please note that the user needs the role ‘Assessor’ to do this.

The gear icon  will allow you to customize the columns shown and their order. The cloud icon  will allow you to download reports you have selected with a tick in the box before each report.

The filter icon  will allow you to apply filters. You can enter filters when clicking ‘More filters.’