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AOH Beta Testing Version 6 Guidelines

Step 1: Insert a GGN to start a new audit.

Step 2: Depending on the producer type, select the option for this specific audit.

Types of certification for option 1:

Types of certification for option 2:

For option 2, chose Individual certification to assess own fields of the PG, or group certification to assess the QMS.

Step 3: Select the Main Site, and any other site that will be assessed (you can change them later if needed), but sites are necessary to create an audit.

*Sites must be created in Validation Service (see Certificate Data) to be displayed in the drop-down menu.

They can be created anytime and are immediately transferred from Validation Service to Audit Online Hub.

Step 4: Press “Continue” and go to define the “Audit Personnel” that will be part of this audit. Audit personnel includes Auditor, Reviewer, and Certification Committee, but only the Auditor is a mandatory field at this step.

Writing some letters of the name, the GAIN (transferred from CB-Admin tool) will be displayed.

After clicking “Continue”, a customized checklist will be created if you answer some parameter questions. There are 2 steps, depending on the Scope and Product Category you selected.

Step 5: Answer Parameter Questions Step 1 (Defining the Scope of Audit).

Step 6: Answer Parameter Questions Step 2 (Customizing the checklist). Replying to these questions, you can get a shortened checklist where all N/A control points have been justified as non-applicable. If you want to change any replies later because you find them applicable, you can do it.

Step 7: Fill all mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk).

Step 8: Fill in the information the same as for previous AOH versions.

Important notice:

Before changing the status to "Closed", the file must be sent to the following users:

  • The owner of the file will be the Auditor until the NC/CA have been closed (From status New to Status Audit done, pending result).
  • Then the file must be taken by a Reviewer (needs to be set as Audit Personnel).
  • After reviewing it the status will be changed to “Outstanding CD”, and the file will be owned by a user with “Certification Committee” role. This send will set the final status "Closed" after taking the certification decision.

How to use the autofill function in case of duplicate Principles and Criteria (P&C) 

If a producer is going to be audited during the same audit for more than one standard that have duplicate P&Cs, such as IFA v.6 Smart and IFA v.6 GFS, there is a possibility to copy the duplicated answers from one duplicate P&C into the other. 

Please note that duplicate P&Cs can be easily identified via the highlighted button:

To start, you need to mark the answer in the checklist you are filling out and click on "Save".

If a P&C is a duplicate when adding an answer, you will see a pop-up window with the option to use the autofill function. Click on "Autofill" if you want your answer to be copied to the other duplicate P&C”.

In case the answers and justifications are different for each P&C you need to press “Do not autofill”.

To autofill the justification, you need to explicitly click on "Copy to duplicates" after you added your text.

Please note that you can amend your answers and justifications for any P&C at any time and it will be auto-filled to the respective duplicate P&C only after you actively press the “Autofill” button.