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Adding new users to AOH

Scheme Managers can add new users.

Before creating a new user in AOH, please, make sure that this user has already been created in CB-AT and received an automatically generated GLOBALG.A.P. contact ID.

Please go to the top right of the page:

Then the Scheme Manager will first view his own profile including options to change e. g. password and mail address. On the right side, there is a small green icon 'Invite new user' which you can also spot on the screenshot below.

You can then enter all details like names and roles and set the language to English or Spanish.

If you click on 'Send Invitation' the new user will get an invitation link to finish his registration.

It is necessary to link CB-AT to AOH to activate the roles for the Smart process (IFA V6 SMART and GFS).
For this, the respective user has to copy and paste this GLOBALG.A.P. Contact ID from CB-AT into AOH under "My Profile" and click on SAVE at the bottom right side of the page.

Please note that your GAIN will then take 24 hours to be reflected in AOH as below: